There have been great influences in my life, which have inspired my artistic growth. Nature and Spirit is key to that growth. 'Primitive people' as well as other artists, particularly visionary and surrealist schools of art, have influenced me. Joseph Cornell, Dorothea Tanning, Remedios Varo, Egon Schiele, Jorge Gonzalez Camarena, Hannah Hoch, Native Americans, Aboriginal Peoples, Eastern Indian Culture and many others, known and unknown. I began using the circle in 1978 when my awareness of the earth, the feminine nature and the spirit commenced. I work on an intuitive level and let the piece speak to me during the process, whether I have intent or not. Experimenting with several mediums (pen & ink, paint, graphite, colored pencil, collage and mixed media) presented different challenges, characteristics and possibilities to the execution of a piece of art. Now, my primary medium is mixed media/collage, which I find has limitless fascination for me. I am incorporating the mediums I have explored and I am adding new materials, such as reeds, glass, eggshells, etc., to the creation of my new work. The circle and the circle in the square are sacred and universal symbols present in all religions & cultures, even the most 'primitive'. I am seeking to touch, deep within the viewers spirit, a truth or essence.

To awaken/nudge/shift the unconscious.
Seduction into another world…a world of vision and dream.

--- France Garrido


Mandala means circle/center in Sanskrit. Mandalas were traditionally used in Eastern religions and cultures as a tool for meditation, spiritual growth, guidance for life, as well as healing. We can also find the circle used in Native American, Aboriginal and other 'primitive' cultures throughout time in our world's history. Mandalas usually give a center point to focus on and from which expands out to infinity, depending on the culture and/or purpose. The circle encompasses many different symbols. It is limitless, cyclical and spiritual. It symbolizes God, Eternity, Unity and Creation.


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